Month: October 2019

vegan or vegetarian lancashire hotpot
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Vegan Lancashire Hotpot!

  Vegan or Vegetarian Lancashire Hotpot is a do-over of the famous Lancashire Hotpot. Condensed History of the Lancashire Hotpot! Lancashire is located in the North West of England. Lancashire hotpot was a convenience meal for the hard working pre-industrial Lancashire population. Many women worked at home spinning cotton so there was less time to […]

vegan Scottish stovies
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Vegan Scottish Stovies!

Vegan or Vegetarian Scottish Stovies Scottish people have been enjoying Stovies for centuries. My remake of traditional Stovies, into a vegan or vegetarian Scottish Stovies, is a friendly alternative based on the Stovies I enjoyed as a child growing up in Scotland. Stovies are thought to have originated sometime during the 16th-18th centuries, when servants […]