Month: February 2020

served hotpot
Vegan pies, hotpots and gratins

Vegetable Vegan Hotpot

Vegetable Vegan HotPot Today I quickly put together this super-easy Vegetable Vegan Hotpot.  And my kids absolutely loved it! This is definably a child-friendly hotpot. It’s a great way to get lots of veggie goodness into them! I just used whatever vegetables happened to be in my fridge. It’s a good clear-out-your-fridge budget recipe. The […]

traditional vegan pineapple custard tart
Global Vegan Recipes, Historical Vegan Recipes

Vegan Pineapple Custard Tart

Traditional Vegan Pineapple Custard Tart Traditional Vegan Pineapple Custard Tart is a remake of a favourite traditional pudding enjoyed by many British school children and their parents since the 1950s! Possibly originating further back. It’s still a firm classic for many British families and loved by many around the world in a variety of variations. […]

Blueberry jam

Sugar-free Vegan Jams!

Sugar-Free Vegan Budget Jams! Sugar-free vegan budget jams are the answer for those who love jam but need to reduce their sugar consumption with the added bonus of saving some money. Chia seeds are used to thicken up the jam and agave syrup to sweeten. These jams contain much less sugar than traditional jam. But […]