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Hi! I'm Jacq! Here you will find plant-based traditional and classic recipes. All my recipes have been tried and tested by my Scottish family. My recipes are ideal for everyone from vegans, vegetarians, plant-based diets, flexitarians, pescatarians, to meat-free Monday advocates! If your new to a plant-based diet you'll find lots of ideas, inspiration and useful information! Happy Cooking!

vegan Christmas pudding

WW2 Vegan Christmas Pudding

WW2 Vegan Christmas Pudding Recipe Review My WW2 Vegan Christmas Pudding Recipe Review revives an old recipe from the 1940s that provided many people with a delicious Christmas pudding during the Second World War. The Christmas Pudding recipe is included within British celebrity chef Marguerite Paton’s (1915-2015) book Nostalgic Food and Facts From 1940-1954 (2002 …

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vegan wartime champ

Vegan Wartime Champ

Vegan Wartime Champ Recipe Review My Vegan Wartime Potato Champ Review is based on the Wartime Champ recipe that I found in the book ‘Victory Cookbook, Nostalgic Food and Facts From 1940-1954’ by Marguerite Patten OBE. Marguerite Patten (1915-2015) was a British chef and writer, with over 170 cook books to her name! During the …

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Medieval potage stew served in a wooden bowl, with fork and spoon, little bread rolls at the side, and candlestick

Vegan Potage Stew (British Medieval Inspired Recipe)

Vegan medieval potage stew is based on the British meal that was popular throughout the middle ages. There are many variations of potage stew and my plant-based version contains root vegetables, onions, garlic, butter beans, barley, oatmeal and red lentils. Flavoured with vegetable extract (marmite) fresh herbs, dried herbs, veggie stock and vegan gravy to …

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vegan cowboy pie

Vegan Cowboy Pie

Vegan Cowboy or Cowgirl Pie is just as tasty but probably more so than traditional cowboy pie! Cowboy Pie is an absolute classic that has made people happy for many years! It is a pie-like dish that was inspired by the American cowboy era, but the origins of the dish are unclear. Kids, young and …

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Chocolate concrete cake sliced into 12 pieces, sitting on baking paper.

Vegan School Dinners Chocolate Concrete Cake (chocolate crunch)

Vegan school dinners chocolate concrete cake is a nostalgic throwback to the British old-school dinners puddings of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Chocolate concrete cake is so easy and quick to bake. A batch can be ready and cooling in the baking pan, in just 35 minutes. This vegan chocolate concrete cake recipe results in …

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Vegan vegetable hotpot

Vegan Vegetable Hotpot

  Tasty vegan vegetable hotpot is a super-tasty hotpot that is perfect for batch cooking! Packed full of nutritious vegetables, creamy umami sauce and topped with fluffy, crispy potatoes. #Please note this post contains Amazon affiliate ad links. If you click through and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no additional …

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Vegan pineapple tart on serving plate, with dessert knifes off to side, serving plates at side, serving spatula to side and a green fresh pineapple at top.

Vegan Pineapple Custard Tart (Traditional British)

Traditional vegan pineapple custard tart is a remake of a favourite traditional pudding enjoyed by many British school children and their parents since the 1970s! Possibly originating further back. This delectable tart features plant-based custard cooked and flavoured with pineapple pieces and juice, before being poured into a crisp, sweet pastry shell. For added decadence …

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