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oil-free Scottish vegan oatcakes
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Oil-Free Vegan Scottish Oatcakes

Oil-free vegan Scottish oatcakes are perfect for those who are looking to reduce their oil-intake. Ironically Oil-free vegan Scottish oatcakes are more traditional than traditional oatcakes! 14th century Scottish Highland soldiers would prepare oatcakes by just mixing oatmeal and water so it stands to reason that an oil-free oatcake would just be a bit more […]

vegan traditional empire biscuits
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Vegan Empire Biscuits

Vegan Empire Biscuits has been a popular British teatime treat for over 100 years. Although traditionally, empire biscuits would have been prepared with butter. The origins of empire biscuits Empire biscuits are a biscuit with many names! In Scotland, these yummy treats are often called Belgium biscuits. In England, they are generally named empire biscuits. […]

vegan school dinners chocolate concrete cake
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Vegan School Dinners Chocolate Concrete Cake

Vegan School Dinners Traditional Chocolate Concrete Cake Vegan school dinners chocolate concrete cake is a nostalgic throwback to the British old-school dinners puddings of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Chocolate concrete cake is so easy and simple. My vegan chocolate concrete cake recipe results in a cake-biscuit that is hard at the edges but firm […]