Vegan Dinner Ideas

Vegan dinner ideas is a collection of recipes where you can go to for inspiration for meal ideas. Perfect for when you have no idea what to cook. Just have a scroll through and be inspired!

Rectangular casserole tray with veggie sausage casserole and silver serving spoon, bowl of peas and corn to top, along with blue salt and pepper shakers and three slices of white crusty bread on wooden board.

Vegan Sausage Casserole (with Sweet Potato and Red Pepper)

Vegan sausage and bean casserole with sweet potato and red pepper is one of my family’s favourite meals. Perfect for easy and fast mid-week dinners and ideal for batch prepping. This recipe can easily be prepared as gluten-free. This delicious casserole is brimming with savoury flavours of smoky paprika and sweet tomato sauce that is …

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noodle soup in white bowl with blue rim, blue tea towel,second bowl to side, plate of bagels in distance.

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan chicken noodle soup is seriously comforting, warming, and nourishing. So simple and quick to prepare yet packed full of flavour. This soup is a family favourite and perfect for mid-week meals, whenever your feeling under-the-weather, or even feeding kids who are picky eaters! Please note: This post uses Amazon Affiliate ad links. If you …

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Vegan Hungarian Goulash

Vegan Hungarian Goulash

Vegan Hungarian goulash is the perfect mid-week meal that the whole family will love. This goulash is a delicious satisfying stew of potatoes, carrots, peppers and tomatoes simmered within a thick, rich tomato-paprika-caraway savoury sauce. This one-pot meal is so quick and simple to prepare. Enjoy on its own or with slices of tasty garlic …

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Vegan Irish Stew served in white bowl with blue rim, and soda bread to side on wooden chopping board with knife to side.

Vegan Irish Stew

This recipe for vegan Irish stew results in a delicious plant-based bowl of stew that is so comforting, warming, and sustaining. Irish stew is the perfect family meal especially when served with a wedge of wholesome Irish soda bread to dunk in the rich, savoury gravy, there is just nothing better. Potatoes, carrots, and soya …

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Vegan Mongolian Beef and Broccoli

Vegan Mongolian ‘Beef’ and Broccoli (stir-fry veggies and vegan pieces in a rich savoury sauce)

Vegan Mongolian ‘beef’ and broccoli is a delicious meal of stir-fried broccoli, green peppers, and either vegan meat alternative pieces/tofu/mushrooms, cooked in a sticky, rich savoury and sweet sauce. Perfect for a weekend fake away or a quick mid-week treat for all the family. My kids love this meal especially the tasty meat-free pieces and …

Vegan Mongolian ‘Beef’ and Broccoli (stir-fry veggies and vegan pieces in a rich savoury sauce) Read More »

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