Vegan Meat Alternatives

This collection of recipes makes use of Vegan Meat Alternatives and is great for those new to plant-based and vegan diets transition to plant-based meals and ingredients.  Often at the beginning of plant-based and vegan diets people can be confused as to what to replace meat with. Vegan meat alternatives are the perfect replacement to boost confidence in this new plant-powered adventure. Making use of vegan meat replacements encourages many more to try plant-based diets which is amazing progress!

Vegan Taco Bean Soup

Vegan Taco Bean Soup is a wholesome bowl of plant-based goodness. All the flavours and textures of yummy tacos but prepared in one pot for a quick, easy, convenient midweek meal. My taco bean soup is brimming full with three different types of beans (black beans, kidney beans, black-eyed beans), vegetables, rice, and the usual …

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vegan hamburger casserole

Vegan Hamburger Casserole

  Vegan Hamburger Casserole is my take on the Traditional American Southern Hamburger Casserole. Traditional American Hamburger Casserole usually uses ground beef. My recipe subs out the meat with a packet of Vegan frozen mince. Hamburger Casserole is a mix of potatoes, onions and mince in a creamy-cheesy sauce. I have flavoured the potatoes and …

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vegan cock-a-leekie soup

Vegan Cock-a-Leekie Soup

Vegan cock-a-leekie soup is based on the traditional cock-a-leekie soup which is Scotland’s national soup. Cock-a-leekie originates all the way back to the 16th century! However, other parts of Britain have their own versions of cock-a-leekie soup including Wales and the West Country (south-western England). It is claimed that cock-a-leekie soup has been traced back …

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vegan sausage pasta

Vegan Sausage Pasta

Vegan Sausage Pasta with Pinto Beans and Red Peppers   Vegan Sausage Pasta with pinto beans and red peppers is a quick and simple meal but deceptively rich and delicious! Its a perfect midweek meal for those busy days or even for inspiring kids to help out with dinner! I used plant-based vegan meat-free Richmond …

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vegan cowboy pie

Vegan Cowboy Pie

Vegan Cowboy or Cowgirl Pie is just as tasty but probably more so than traditional cowboy pie! Cowboy Pie is an absolute classic that has made people happy for many years! It is a pie-like dish that was inspired by the American cowboy era, but the origins of the dish are unclear. Kids, young and …

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