Featured image, tray with semolina pudding and mug of tea, nutmeg and zester to side, saucepan with semolina to back, jam pot to side and second bowl of pudding to side.

British Semolina Pudding ( Vegan )

  1  1Share Vegan British semolina pudding is a hot, creamy, sweet, satisfying, comforting dessert that the whole family will love. Perfect for warming everyone up during the chilly, rainy, windy months. Although semolina pudding can be enjoyed chilled for a refreshing, smile-inducing dessert, supper or breakfast. If you love rice pudding you’ll likely enjoy semolina also. …

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Christmas cake served on white cake plate with tea tray to side.

Vegan Three Ingredient Christmas Cake

  11  11Shares This three ingredient vegan Christmas Cake is super simple and easy to prepare. Perfect for when you really need a Christmas or an everyday fruit cake but are short of time, ingredients, finances, have unexpected guests, or just want a tasty quick fruit cake. Although the basic vegan Christmas cake has just 3 ingredients, …

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Black plates filled with vegan peppermint screams, pumpkins in background, Halloween napkins and plates.

Vegan Peppermint Creams

  12  12Shares Vegan peppermint creams are so easy to prepare for Halloween using just a few everyday ingredients. Decorating these vegan sweets with frightful faces is the perfect Halloween party activity. Or enjoy dipped in dark chocolate for an after dinner treat during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other winter holidays. These vegan traditional sweets are brilliant homemade …

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Bowl of Mexican meatball soup with lemon wedge, wooden fork and knife, and colourful stripy background.

Vegan Mexican Meatball Soup (Sopa De Albondigas)

  21  21Shares Vegan Mexican meatball or Albondigas soup is such a tasty, easy and wholesome meal that is an instant family and crowd pleaser. Delicious vegan meatballs cooked with tasty veggies in a deep, rich savoury tomato broth, and served over spaghetti or noodles, is just the best autumnal and winter comfort food. This post contains …

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Vegan Mulligatawny soup close up with blue plate background and metallic mat.

Vegan Mulligatawny Soup (Fruity Curried Veggies And Rice)

  21  21Shares Vegan mulligatawny curried soup is a delicious warming wholesome traditional meal that is perfect for autumn and winter. Each bite is fruity, lightly spicy and sour, and perfectly sweet. Serve with your favourite crusty bread, crackers or poppadum’s for a satisfying crunch, or tasty chapatis or naan bread. Mulligatawny soup is also ideal for …

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Vegan traditional Scotch broth in white blue rimmed enamel bowl with wooden handled spoon, small flower patterned plate with bread to side, blue salt and pepper shakers, blue tartan background.

Vegan Traditional Scotch Broth (Pea, Barley, Lentil, Veggie Packed Soup)

  20  20Shares Vegan traditional Scotch broth is the soup you need during those chilly fall and winter months. A bowl is so warming, comforting and nourishing. And amazingly budget-friendly, which is a must and winner in my family household. Not to mention low in calories and fat so a wedge of crusty bread can be guiltlessly …

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A dark brown clay bowl with Mexican noodle soup, lime wedge and silver spoon in bowl, and wedge of crusty bread to side.

Vegan Mexican Noodle Soup (With Black Beans And Corn)

  31  31Shares Vegan Mexican noodle soup otherwise known as Sopa De Fideo is an incredibly simple soup with humble ingredients but big flavours. A bowl is perfect served as part of a Mexican themed dinner, party, as a special starter, or side dish. Although this delicious soup if filling and satisfying enough for a main meal …

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