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7 Easy Vegan Plant-based Dinner Recipes
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7 Easy Vegan Plant-Based Dinner Recipes

7 Easy Vegan Plant-Based Dinner Recipes Need 7 easy vegan plant-based dinner recipes? I have listed 7 of my family’s favourite easy vegan dinner recipes. Are you new to vegan and plant-based diets? It can be so difficult at first finding recipes that your family will enjoy. Think of this list as an ideal starting […]

Vegan Cheese and Potato Pie
Vegan pies, hotpots and gratins

Vegan Cheese and Potato Pie

Vegan Traditional Cheese and Potato Pie! My Vegan Cheese and Onion Pie is a re-creation of the old school British Cheese and Potato Pie. Many people have fond memories of enjoying Cheese and Potato Pie for school dinners or served up by their mum or grandmother. Traditional Cheese and Potato Pie is not too common […]

Vegan Scrambled Chickpeas
Plant-based Lunch Ideas, Vegan Side Dishes

Vegan Scrambled Chickpeas

Plant-Based Paprika Scrambled Chickpeas My Vegan Paprika Scrambled Chickpeas is a tasty replacement for scrambled eggs. It makes for a quick, nutritious, yummy lunch, breakfast, brunch or even for a speedy dinner. An added benefit is that it is cooked with no added fat or oil. Serve with a crunchy salad or with some toasted […]

Vegan Vegetable Curry
Vegan Curries

Vegan Vegetable Curry

The Best Vegan Vegetable Curry   Vegan Vegetable Curry is so easy and simple to cook! Yet tastes amazing and is my family’s favourite curry to date. We have it at least once a week and never get tired of it. My vegan Vegetable Curry is adapted from Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin’s ‘Cheats Chicken […]

vegan butternut squash and lentil lasagne
Vegan pies, hotpots and gratins

Vegan Butternut Lentil Lasagne

Vegan Butternut Squash and Lentil Lasagne is one of my favourite regular mid-week meals for my family. Packed full of nutritious and yummy butternut squash, savoury lentils and creamy sauce. The lentil filling is gently spiced for the ultimate winter warmer. Additionally the Butternut squash can be subbed with sweet potato, marrow, pumpkin or cauliflower, […]

vegan wartime champ
Vegan Side Dishes

Vegan Wartime Champ

Vegan Wartime Champ Recipe Review My Vegan Wartime Potato Champ Review is based on the Wartime Champ recipe that I found in the book ‘Victory Cookbook, Nostalgic Food and Facts From 1940-1954’ by Marguerite Patten OBE. Marguerite Patten (1915-2015) was a British chef and writer, with over 170 cook books to her name! During the […]

vegan medieval potage stew
Vegan soups, stews and casseroles

Vegan Medieval Potage Stew

Vegan Medieval Potage Stew If you have kids have them stew up a pot of medieval potage for Halloween weekend. The perfect activity! Vegan medieval potage stew has been on the menu since at least the 1300s! Albeit, when meat was available it was included along with the vegetables, grains and herbs. Medieval peasants did […]