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vegan traditional Scottish Stovies
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Vegan Traditional Scottish Stovies

My traditional Vegan Scottish Stovies are traditional in the sense that I prepare this meal in the best way I can remember from childhood. The main ingredients of Stovies should be the protein, potatoes, onions and gravy. I remember my mum using sausages, chunky potatoes and slices of onion rings. Everything gently bubbled away slow […]

Vegan Scottish Skirlie
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Vegan Scottish Skirlie

Vegan Scottish Traditional Skirlie My Vegan Scottish Traditional Skirlie is an adapted plant-based version of the classic Skirlie that my fellow Scots have been enjoying for hundreds of years. Traditional Skirlie is made with cooking onions in beef dripping before adding pinhead oatmeal and toasting in the frying pan until crisp and golden. My recipe […]