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oil-free Scottish vegan oatcakes
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Oil-Free Vegan Scottish Oatcakes

Oil-free vegan Scottish oatcakes are perfect for those who are looking to reduce their oil-intake. Ironically Oil-free vegan Scottish oatcakes are more traditional than traditional oatcakes! 14th century Scottish Highland soldiers would prepare oatcakes by just mixing oatmeal and water so it stands to reason that an oil-free oatcake would just be a bit more […]

vegan Edinburgh fruit scones
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Vegan Edinburgh Fruit Scones

Vegan Edinburgh fruit scones are an old-fashioned Scottish bake that originates in the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh. Scones have a long history as they can be dated back to 1500s Scotland where they were prepared with oats and cooked on a griddle. I lived in Edinburgh for many years with my family and love […]

quick vegan cheesy pasta
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Quick Vegan Cheesy Pasta

My quick vegan cheesy pasta is so deliciously cheesy and super quick to prepare! Prepare my vegan cheesy pasta with macaroni shapes for an amazing plant-based vegan mac an cheese. Otherwise known as macaroni cheese in the UK.. With only a few store cupboard ingredients required its sure to become a family favourite staple. Kids […]

Plant-based vegan refried beans
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Plant-Based Vegan Refried Beans

Plant-based vegan refried beans are one of the best side-dishes around! Contrary to traditional refried beans my plant-based vegan refried beans are low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and have no added salt, oil or fats. Vegan refried beans are a savoury umami delicious bowl of plant-based goodness. My son literally eats them by the […]

vegan blueberry vanilla overnight oats
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Vegan Overnight Blueberry Vanilla Oats

 Vegan overnight blueberry vanilla oats is the perfect super-nutritious breakfast! I love oats and appreciate the value and versatility they bring to plant-based cooking. Origin of oats Oats were accidently discovered in Europe about 3000 years ago, growing as a weed around crops that were actually being cultivated! It is claimed that the Scots first […]