Vegan Chocolate  Rice Crispy Cakes

No-Bake! So Easy!

Perfect for Easter!


Crispy cakes: rice crispy cereal vegan marshmallows dark chocolate vegan margarine Topping: dark chocolate vegan sweeties/candy such as vegan mini eggs


Melt the marshmallows, dark chocolate and margarine...

Step 1

Step 2

Pour the melted  mixture into the rice crispy cereal...


Step 3

Press the chocolate covered cereal into a baking tray...

Step 4

Prepare the chocolate topping:

Melt chocolate in a bowl over hot water...

Step 5

Spread the chocolate over the rice crispy cake...

Step 6

Top with vegan sweeties/candy...vegan mini eggs and marshmallows are a tasty addition...

Step 7

Pop in the refrigerator to set firm.  Once set slice into portions and enjoy!

Happy Easter!


Thanks so much for watching!

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