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Hi! Welcome!Jac meet the author

So glad your here at the welcome page for about traditional plant-based cooking.

My name is Jacq and I am an ordinary mum to three older kids.

As well as 2 cute dogs.

I started traditionalplantbasedcooking as a way to share my family’s recipes with the plant-based, vegan and vegetarian community. As well as those who are looking to include more meat-free meals within their diets.

My recipes are family-friendly and ideal for visitors who are new to plant-based diets. I aim to keep my recipes as budget-friendly and easy to prepare as possible!

I love traditional food and plant-based food hence why my website embraces both and is titled traditionalplantbasedcooking!

On my blog you will likely discover classic meals such as vegan Lancashire hotpot, vegan Scottish Stovies, vegan sausage pasta. And even vegan chilli mac and cheese!

vegan chilli macaroni cheese
Vegan chilli mac an cheese!

Meals which people don’t have to give up when they switch over to plant-based cooking.

Instead you’ll discover new exciting methods and ingredients for preparing the same meals.

I focus on flavour so each recipe has been tried and tested on my family many times.

vegan Lancashire hotpot about traditional plant-based cooking
Vegan Lancashire hotpots!

For desserts, puddings and sweet stuff I aim for a balance between healthier recipes and more indulgent recipes.

Such as my vegan chocolate pudding prepared with silken tofu and maple syrup, to more traditional fare such as vegan chocolate flapjacks and vegan fruit loaf cake.

vegan fruit loaf cake about traditional plant-based cooking
Vegan traditional fruit loaf cake!

I have been plant-based mostly all my life since childhood when I turned vegetarian at the age of 10. During my adulthood I gradually gave up dairy and eggs.

Mostly because I dislike factory farming. And love animals! And for the last few years I have also become interested in the health benefits of plant-based diets. Fuelled by reading books by plant-based doctors such as Dr Greger.

Besides cooking with plants is just more creative, exciting and challenging!

Vegan Irish Stew about traditional plant-based cooking
Vegan Irish Stew with homemade vegan Irish soda bread!

My hopes for my website is that visitors will find my recipes useful and maybe pick up some new meal ideas for their family or self to enjoy.

I will be adding some beneficial plant-based diet guides so be sure and look out for those. Guides that will provide valuable information about plant-based ingredients, substitutions, cooking methods, etc.

Oh and if you would like to be notified fortnightly about new recipes and guides that I will be adding regularly then do sign up for reminders straight to your inbox.

And I will be adding useful freebies for those that sign up also!

But don’t worry I don’t wish to spam your inbox! Only to provide useful info and recipes to make your life easier and encourage more people to enjoy plant-based meals!

The more plant-based meals that are consumed the better for us, the animals, and our planet!

sheep about traditional plant-based cooking

So if that sounds interesting then hop aboard the traditionalplantbasedcooking community!

And lets get cooking and baking up plant-based storms!

All the best



About Traditional Plant-Based Cooking

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