Hi! I'm Jacq! Here you will find plant-based traditional and classic recipes. All my recipes have been tried and tested by my Scottish family. My recipes are ideal for everyone from vegans, vegetarians, plant-based diets, flexitarians, pescatarians, to meat-free Monday advocates! If your new to a plant-based diet you'll find lots of ideas, inspiration and useful information! Happy Cooking!

Vegan Smoked Tofu Kedgeree (Traditional British Recipe)

Vegan smoked tofu kedgeree is based on the traditional British breakfast dish that actually has Indian roots. Classic kedgeree features rice cooked with curry powder with flakes of smoked haddock. The finished kedgeree dish is usually topped with halved or quartered hard boiled eggs and garnished with chopped parsley. The Origins Of Traditional British Kedgeree …

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vegan smoky tofu kedgeree

Vegan Butterbean ‘Chicken’ Supreme (Classic French Sauce)

  My Vegan Butterbean ‘Chicken’ Supreme recipe is based on the French retro classic chicken supreme sauce. This meal is perfect for a quick mid-week dinner as it is quick and easy to prepare, nutritious and totally delicious. I just love recreating traditional old-fashioned meals and giving them the plant-based vegan twist. In a way …

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vegan butterbean chicken supreme with white boiled rice served on a white bowl with a spoon and fork displayed at the side

Vegan Rice-A-Roni Recipe

This Vegan Rice-a-Roni recipe features kidney beans and peppers. It is a fun, delicious, quick and easy meal that the entire family will enjoy. It has something for everyone with this meal being stuffed with pasta, rice, orzo, kidney beans, bell peppers, peas and corn making up the plant-based tasty combination. Serve this Rice-a-Roni as …

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Vegan Mushroom Steak Diane

  Vegan mushroom steak Diane is a recipe inspired by the traditional retro steak Diane meal that probably originated in  New York during the 40 – 50s. I say probably as the actual location is not generally agreed. Some even argue London was responsible for steak Diane or even Belgium. However, during the 1950s in …

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vegan mushroom steak Diane

Vegan Creamy Cashew, Lentil, and Roast Cauliflower Moroccan Stew

Vegan creamy cashew, lentil, and roast cauliflower Moroccan inspired stew is packed full of plant-based nutrition. The Moroccan inspired umami flavours are so savoury, tangy, sweet, slightly spicy and satisfying. Although if you prefer more heat just pop in more cayenne! Chickpeas, red lentils, cauliflower, and cashews form a quartet that is surely a plant-based …

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vegan Moroccan cauliflower, cashew and lentil stew
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