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vegan Scottish stovies
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Vegan-Vegetarian Scottish Stovies!

Vegan or Vegetarian Scottish Stovies Scottish people have been enjoying Stovies for centuries. A variant of Stovies are thought to have originated sometime during the 16th-18th centuries, when servants used the leftovers of their employers dinners to create their own meals. In recent history, Stovies are still a leftover meal. The word Stovies is a […]

vegan hungarian goulash
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Vegan Hungarian Goulash!

Hungarian goulash is the national meal of Hungary. Hungarians have been enjoying goulash since the 9th Century! The dish was commonly eaten by Medieval hungarian shepherds, and the word goulash actually means herdsman.¬† Chunks of meat and onions were traditionally the main ingredients, with other additions added throughout the centuries. Sometime between the 16-18th Century, […]

vegan chocolate almond muffins
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Vegan Chocolate Almond Muffins

      ¬†Vegan Chocolate Almond Muffins! I love all things chocolate. And almonds! Especially toasted almonds. This recipe for Vegan Chocolate Almond Muffins have an extra sprinkling of flaked almonds that become beautifully toasted in the oven. The smells emitting from your oven while these are baking is divine. I won’t big these muffins […]