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Vegan Beef And Tomato (Warwickshire Stew)

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Recreated from the old traditional English favourite Warwickshire stew, this vegan beef and tomato stew is deliciously wholesome and satisfying especially when served with a chunk of crusty bread to mop up the scrummy plant-based juices.

Incredibly economical and packed with rich, savoury flavours but featuring simple ingredients. The whole family will love this delicious stew.

Looking for a gluten-free vegan stew? It’s easy to prepare this Warwickshire stew as gluten-free just check out the recipe notes and FAQ section.

close up bowl of vegan Warwickshire beef and tomato stew in white bowl, salt and pepper shaker to side, featured image.

Quick Origins Of Warwickshire Stew

Warwickshire is a county located within the English west midlands. Warwickshire is famous for the historical Warwick castle which was constructed by William the conquer in 1068.

There is not much information regarding Warwickshire stew on the internet, but it likely is Warwickshire’s own version of the traditional British beef stew which has been in existence in some format since at least the medieval times.

During medieval times stew was often served on old bread platters instead of plates. However the bread plates were not actually eaten and would often be fed to the poor who came by begging for food.

A fascinating fact about Warwickshire is that it is believed that the brilliant author J.R Tolkien, who lived there, was inspired to create Middle Earth and the Hobbits shire all based from the country of Warwickshire. Amazing! The hobbits likely enjoyed a meal similar to Warwickshire stew! If you have any Tolkien or hobbit fans at home they will love this stew.

close up of vegan beef and tomato Warwickshire stew in pot with black ladle.

Vegan Beef And Tomato (Warwickshire Stew)

This recipe evolves the classic Warwickshire stew into a bowl of vegan and plant-based tastiness that is really simple to prepare. But utterly delicious.

First the dried soya chunks are added to a small bowl and 500ml (2 cups) of hot veggie stock is poured over the chunks. The soya chunks are left to hydrate for at least 15 minutes. This step can be done a few hours in advance. Once the soya chunks are hydrated the stock is drained off but retained as it can be used to make up the 1 litre of stock required for the stew recipe.

Next the potatoes, carrots and onions are chopped into thick chunks and sautéed in either one tablespoon of olive oil or half a cup of veggie stock for 5 minutes. The garlic slices are chucked in along with the drained soya chunks, and cooked for a minute or so.

The plain flour is stirred through the veggie mix and cooked for a further minute before the tomato puree and chopped fresh tomatoes are added. Everything is given a good stir.

Next the hot veggie stock is poured in along with the tamari soya sauce, vegan Worcester sauce, and one tablespoon of red wine vinegar. The chopped parsley is also chucked in. And everything is seasoned with salt and pepper.

All that is left is for the vegan beef and tomato stew to bubble away nicely for 30-40 minutes just until all the veggies are nice and soft, and the stew is deliciously thick and rich. A few minutes before the end of cooking add the extra tablespoon of red wine vinegar and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Serve with thick slices of your favourite bread to mop up all those tasty veggie juices. So satisfying and yummy.

How To Prepare Vegan Beef And Tomato Warwickshire Stew

Recipe Notes And FAQS

How do I store leftover vegan beef and tomato stew?

Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days within a covered container.

Or frozen for up to 4-6 months.

How do I reheat leftover vegan beef and tomato stew?

Defrost leftovers in the fridge. Reheat by placing in a non-stick pot, along with extra liquid if necessary, and bring to a simmer. Reheat gently for 3-4 minutes until piping hot throughout. Stir frequently.

What can I serve with Warwickshire stew?

A few suggestions:

* thick noodles

* your favourite rice

* quinoa

* pearl barley

* wheat or rye grains

* buckwheat

* quick 3 ingredient dinner rolls

* bread rolls/buns/baps or if your from Warwickshire a roll is actually termed a batch!

* 3 ingredient flat breads

* a wedge of traditional Irish soda bread

* traditional Scottish oatcakes

* saltine crackers

* vegan garlic bread

* American biscuits

* plain scones

* add some fluffy dumplings, following the method used in the recipe vegan beef stew and fluffy dumplings

* vegan sour cream

* tomato or brown ketchup

Can I prepare Warwickshire stew as gluten-free?


Simply choose a gluten-free vegan stock and use gluten-free plain flour as the stock thickener.

Tamari soya sauce is usually gluten-free but check that the vegan Worcester sauce is free of gluten ingredients.

The Worcester sauce can be replaced with an extra tablespoon of Tamari if necessary.

Also ensure that your soya or textured vegetable protein chunks are free of gluten ingredients, which they generally are.

Can I make any substitutions or changes?

A few ideas:

* instead of dried soya or textured vegetable protein chunks use any meat-free pieces available either dried, fresh or frozen. Chopped up cooked vegan sausages would also work. Add cooked vegan sausages or similar about 10-15 minutes before the end of the stew cooking just to heat them through to piping hot.

* or replace the meat-free pieces with a can of beans such as cannellini, kidney or butter beans.

* chunky mushrooms would also be a tasty meat-free pieces alternative

* switch out the white potatoes for sweet potatoes

* add a couple handfuls of chopped kale about 10-15 minutes before cooking finished

* use dried parsley instead of fresh

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stew pot filled with vegan Warwickshire stew, pot sitting on wire cooling rack with red striped tea towel, black ladle inside pot.
Dark, rich, savoury sauce full of umami yumminess. Don’t forget to scrape all that concentrated flavour off the side of the pot back into the stew! Yum. Pass the spoon!

Vegan Beef And Tomato (Warwickshire Stew)

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Recreated from a traditional favourite this vegan beef and tomato stew is deliciously wholesome and satisfying especially when served with a chunk of crusty bread to mop up the scrummy plant-based juices.
Perfect for soup and stew season!
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine British, English
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 50 mins
Total Time 1 hr 5 mins
Servings 4
Calories 394
Author Jacq


  • Large non-stick soup/stew pan or similar


Sauté veggies:

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or ½ cup of veggie stock, more if necessary


  • 100 grams dried soya chunks plus 2 cups/500ml of hot veggie stock for rehydrating, once soaked keep the leftover stock to make up the rest of the stock required for the recipe
  • 500 grams potatoes chopped into chunks
  • 200 grams carrots chopped into thick chunks
  • 200 grams onions chopped into thick wedges
  • 6 whole garlic cloves sliced thickly
  • 400 grams tomatoes use fresh tomatoes if available, quartered or replace with a 400g/15oz can of chopped tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon tomato puree
  • 2 tablespoons plain flour
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon Worcester sauce
  • 1 tablespoon tamari soya sauce
  • 4 tablespoons parsley chopped
  • 1 litre vegetable stock use a vegan beef flavour stock if available

5 minutes before end of cooking:

  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar

To serve, optional:

  • 4 slices wholemeal bread or your preferred bread, rolls, crackers, US biscuits etc
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley more if liked


Prepare the dried soya (TVP) chunks

  • Add the dried soya or TVP chunks to a small bowl and cover with 2 cups (500ml) of hot veggie stock. Allow to soak for at least 15 minutes.
    Drain but keep the stock to make up the rest of the veggie stock required for the stew.

Prepare the stew:

  • Sauté the onion, potatoes and carrots in olive oil or ½ cup of veggie stock for 5 minutes over a medium heat. Stir frequently.
  • Add the soya chunks along with the garlic and cook for 1 minute. Mix through the flour and cook for a further 1 minute.
  • Next tip in the chopped fresh tomatoes and tomato puree, stir.
  • Pour in the hot veggie stock, one tablespoon of red wine vinegar, tamari and Worcester sauce. Season with salt and pepper, and add the chopped parsley.
  • Bring to a simmer and gently bubble for 30-40 minutes until everything is soft and the stew is nice and thick. Five minutes before the stew is ready add the second tablespoon of red wine vinegar, and adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  • Serve with wholemeal bread to mop up the delicious veggie stew juices, along with extra fresh parsley.


  • Nutritional data is provided for guidance only and is not intended for a strict analysis as ingredients vary.
  • Data includes 4 slices of wholemeal bread.
  • Data includes 1 tbsp of olive oil so if this is replaced with veggie stock the overall calories and fat content per serving will be reduced.
  • Leftover Warwickshire stew will keep fresh for up to 3 days, within a covered container, in the fridge.
  •  Or freeze for up to 4-6 months.
  • Defrost in the fridge before reheating.
  • Reheat by placing in a non-stick pot, with extra liquid if necessary, and bringing to the boil. Lower the heat and bubble for 3-4 minutes or until piping hot throughout. Stir frequently. 
  • Leftovers are delicious served over a thick wedge of bread or toast especially if the stew liquid is nice and thick.
  • Turn the vegan beef and tomato stew into a pot pie filling. Simply add the cooked stew filling to a pie dish and pop on a pastry crust. Bake until the pastry is golden and cooked. Perfect for a New Years Day dinner.


Calories: 394kcal | Carbohydrates: 65g | Protein: 23g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 519mg | Potassium: 1208mg | Fiber: 13g | Sugar: 14g | Vitamin A: 9721IU | Vitamin C: 54mg | Calcium: 194mg | Iron: 6mg

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