Vegan Baking Recipes

A selection of delicious traditional savoury and sweet vegan baking recipes that are perfect for plant-based eaters, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone looking to up their plant ingredient consumption! All recipes are tried, tested and enjoyed by my Scottish family so all work great.

vegan empire biscuits

Vegan Empire Biscuits (Cookies)

  Vegan empire biscuits or cookies have been a popular British teatime treat for over 100 years. Although traditionally, empire biscuits would have been baked with butter these crunchy vegan biscuits have been prepared with plant-based margarine. These biscuits taste like buttery vanilla and are a melt-in-the-mouth crumbly shortbread experience. Being Scottish I grew up …

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Slice of wartime Christmas pudding sitting on pink plate with cream, and tiny robin ornament, large pudding in distance.

WW2 Vegan Christmas Pudding (Old British War Era Recipe)

This World War two era ( WW2 ) vegan Christmas pudding revives an old British recipe from the 1940s. This interesting vintage recipe provided many people with a delicious Christmas pudding during the rationing and food shortages that occurred in Britain during and after the Second World War. Surprisingly, this Christmas pudding has grated/shredded carrot …

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Chocolate concrete cake sliced into 12 pieces, sitting on baking paper.

Vegan School Dinners Chocolate Concrete Cake (chocolate crunch)

Vegan school dinners chocolate concrete cake is a nostalgic throwback to the British old-school dinners puddings of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Chocolate concrete cake is so easy and quick to bake. A batch can be ready and cooling in the baking pan, in just 35 minutes. This vegan chocolate concrete cake recipe results in …

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Vegan pineapple tart on serving plate, with dessert knifes off to side, serving plates at side, serving spatula to side and a green fresh pineapple at top.

Vegan Pineapple Custard Tart (Traditional British)

Traditional vegan pineapple custard tart is a remake of a favourite traditional pudding enjoyed by many British school children and their parents since the 1970s! Possibly originating further back. This delectable tart features plant-based custard cooked and flavoured with pineapple pieces and juice, before being poured into a crisp, sweet pastry shell. For added decadence …

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slice of cake on small cake plate with white background.

Rose Elliot’s Eggless Cake (Vegan Victoria Sponge)

Rose Elliot’s eggless cake recipe has been adapted to create a vegan Victoria sponge cake that is incredibly moist, fluffy, and light. Only 5 everyday store cupboard ingredients are required to quickly and simply prepare this delicious cake that will certainly impress your family or guests. This sponge can also be easily jazzed up for …

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vegan Scottish border tart

Vegan Scottish Border Tart (Eyemouth Tart)

  Vegan Scottish border tart is based on a yummy afternoon or teatime bake that is served in bakeries and tearooms throughout Scotland but especially common in the border area. This vegan recipe features traditional mixed dried fruit, walnuts, flaked almonds, and cherries brought together with a flax-egg, and baked within a sweet, crisp shortcrust …

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Scottish vegan oatcakes

Scottish Vegan Oatcakes

Scottish vegan oatcakes are so tasty and moreish! You can expect an irresistible crunchy, nutty, and savoury hit when you bite into one of these little Scottish gems. This recipe is quick, easy, and simple and is the only method you’ll ever need to create batches of authentic traditional oatcakes. Looking for an oil-free vegan …

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