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Vegan Meat Alternatives

This collection of recipes makes use of Vegan Meat Alternatives and is great for those new to plant-based and vegan diets transition to plant-based meals and ingredients.  Often at the beginning of plant-based and vegan diets people can be confused as to what to replace meat with. Vegan meat alternatives are the perfect replacement to boost confidence in this new plant-powered adventure. Making use of vegan meat replacements encourages many more to try plant-based diets which is amazing progress!

close up of vegan one-pot American goulash in white plate with slices of garlic bread and fork to side, cream linen placemat, featured image.

Vegan One-Pot American Goulash (Veggie Mince And Pasta)

Vegan one-pot American goulash is a delicious quick veggie mince and pasta meal that the whole family will love! This American goulash recipe is so simple its ideal for those extra busy days when speedy wholesome, flavourful meals are very much appreciated. Serve on its own or with steamed greens or a crispy salad. Saltine …

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close up bowl of vegan Warwickshire beef and tomato stew in white bowl, salt and pepper shaker to side, featured image.

Vegan Beef And Tomato (Warwickshire Stew)

Recreated from the old traditional English favourite Warwickshire stew, this vegan beef and tomato stew is deliciously wholesome and satisfying especially when served with a chunk of crusty bread to mop up the scrummy plant-based juices. Incredibly economical and packed with rich, savoury flavours but featuring simple ingredients. The whole family will love this delicious …

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Two white enamel bowls of Irish vegan corn beef and cabbage stew, with plate of soda bread, cutlery and small cup, green polka dot background.

Vegan Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage Stew (Tempeh With Rustic Veggies)

This post contains Amazon affiliate ad links. Refer to full disclosure. Vegan Irish corned beef and cabbage stew ( tempeh with rustic veggies) is an adaption of a traditional Irish-American meal that was developed by Irish immigrants to North America. This recipe is a tasty, fun, nutritious rustic dish that is perfect to enjoy as …

Vegan Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage Stew (Tempeh With Rustic Veggies) Read More »

vegan corned beef hash

Vegan Corned Beef Tempeh Hash

Vegan corned beef tempeh is based on the traditional corned beef hash meal. What is corned beef hash? Corned beef hash is a meal that has been popular in the US for hundreds of years, and was traditionally prepared using leftovers of beef, potatoes, cabbage and onions. The word hash translates from French meaning to chop.  …

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Rectangular casserole tray with veggie sausage casserole and silver serving spoon, bowl of peas and corn to top, along with blue salt and pepper shakers and three slices of white crusty bread on wooden board.

Vegan Sausage Casserole (with Sweet Potato and Red Pepper)

Vegan sausage and bean casserole with sweet potato and red pepper is one of my family’s favourite meals. Perfect for easy and fast mid-week dinners and ideal for batch prepping. This recipe can easily be prepared as gluten-free. This delicious casserole is brimming with savoury flavours of smoky paprika and sweet tomato sauce that is …

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noodle soup in white bowl with blue rim, blue tea towel,second bowl to side, plate of bagels in distance.

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan chicken noodle soup is seriously comforting, warming, and nourishing. So simple and quick to prepare yet packed full of flavour. This soup is a family favourite and perfect for mid-week meals, whenever your feeling under-the-weather, or even feeding kids who are picky eaters! Please note: This post uses Amazon Affiliate ad links. If you …

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